Cooler Sizes

Coolers come in all shapes and sizes, therefore we don't go by quart size.  The following are the physical dimensions for our rafts, kayaks, and cooler tubes.

Jackson Kayaks: River Ranch Resort Kayak

Total Length is 27 inches.  Width at widest section is 12 inches.  We recommend a soft sided cooler that can be secured with rope or a bungi cord.


6 person raft: 28" x 30" is what the space measures between the twarts and there is one of those spaces.  We do have a few rafts that have a larger space, but they are mixed in the fleet and can not be requested.


8 person raft:River Ranch Resort 8 person raft

The 8 person raft has two bays between thwarts and those measure 13" x 29"


Cooler Tubes:River Ranch Resort cooler tube Cooler tubes are a great way to gain some space in your boat.  The space for coolers measures 21" x 31".


We hope these measurements help you with your upcoming float trip at River Ranch Resort!