Our staff here at River Ranch Resort love to fish!  While the summer time keeps us exceptionally busy, the spring and fall is a great time to enjoy the outdoors and wet a hook.  We have really been enjoying fishing from our kayaks on the Elk river as well.  

Hooking into a good sized large mouth or small mouth bass and having it pull your boat around is pretty exhilarating!  Kayak fishing offers the ability to reach some holes that are not accessible from the banks.

River Ranch Resort Elk River Large Mouth Bass Kayak FishingThis large mouth was caught just up from the resort. (I could tell you exactly where, but I think I'll keep that to myself :).)

River Ranch Resort Elk River Small Mouth Bass Fishing These two smallies were caught right in the same spot on Elk River late last summer.  Elk river used to be highly ranked for small mouth fish.  The larger limit on the fish is helping them make a good return.

All of these were caught on artificial baits.  Some just like the top water buzz baits and other prefer the basic jig head and a worm body.

Whatever your luck give kayak fishing on Elk River a try sometime!  It's never a bad day to be floating and fishing!