What camp/RV sites are the best?


  • Tent Camping with Electricity


            The most popular campsites with electricity are hands down the Canoe Landing sites #191-181. These sites are right next to the river, next to the restroom and come with two 120v outlets. There is parking at these sites. Reserve these sites if you want to be right in the middle of the resort next to all the amenities. A close second would be the Sycamore Landing campsites #528-545. These sites are located along the river at our Sycamore Landing campground across the highway. These sites are more secluded than the Canoe Landing sites. If you are looking for a campsite with electricity but you want a more private setting Sycamore Landing is the perfect spot. Both areas are close to swim beaches.


  • Tent Camping w/out Electricity


            Of the hundreds of sites without electricity our most popular is campsite #156 on Wilderness Island and campsites #525-527 at Sycamore Landing. Site #156 on the Wilderness Island is most requested for its close proximity to the river & a swim beach and because it can hold a group up to 40 people. As for the sites at Sycamore Landing, being on the point of the island is most requested. The view of the bluff from the point is magnificent, you are surrounded by water and have close access to a swim beach. 


  • RV Sites


            RV site #200 is the most popular. This site is the easiest to back into and it is right next to the swim beach we take the floaters off at. It is the perfect people watching spot as you get to watch the drama unfold as floaters pull up off the river. RVing in this location also puts you close to the volleyball court and our store. We added RV sites at Sycamore Landing and of those you want to be at #708 because it is the closest to the river.  

 As you can tell the best sites are close to the river. To make a reservation give us a call at 800-951-6121 or follow the link. Check out our maps of the Resort

Resort Site Map 2021