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The only way to start your day is with our excellent breakfast buffet! (Cheesie rhyme we know, but what the…hey!) Voted best breakfast on the river several years in a row!

Saturday and Sunday 7 – 10a.m.

Memorial till Labor Day weekend

All you care to eat:

Scrambled Eggs

Hash Browns



Biscuits and Gravy

Jellies – Jams – Butter

Ages 10 and up $9.77 plus tax

Under 10 $5.77 plus tax


SHO-NUF HICKORY BAR-B-QUE Plates & Sandwiches

Satisfy your BBQ cravings with our delicious hickory slow smoked meats. We use nothing but our Not Yet Famous Sho-Nuf BBQ Sauce. We have been smoking meat for quite a few decades now, and we think you’ll agree this is some of best you'll find anywhere.


  • Dinner Plate – Choice of 1 meat 1/3lb and 2 sides served with sandwich bread $8.77 plus tax
  • Sandwich Basket – Choice of 1 meat 1/3lb and 2 sides served on special bun $8.99 plus tax
  • Sandwich Only – Choice of 1 meat 1/3lb and bag of chips served on special bun $6.49 plus tax
  • Make it a ½ pounder sandwich add $1.49
3 Meats to choose from

Pulled Pork

Smoked Sausage

Shaved Brisket


Portion - $1.49

Full Pint - $3.37

Ranch Baked Beans

Creamy Potato Salad

Carl’s Cole Slaw

Bar-B-Que Menu

Smokey Burgers

We smoke these burgers the same way we do our brisket and pork and they come out with a great flavor and topped off with a dash of our own Sho-Nuf Seasoning!

1/3 lb Burger on special bun $6.99 plus tax

Double patty add $1.99

Cheese add .50 cents

Bacon add .99 cents

Burger & Sandwich Menu


We had no idea how popular our pizza would become, we had to buy a second then a third oven just to keep up! It just seems to hit the spot after a long day of floating. Feel like relaxing around your camp instead of eating inside? No problem, just make an order and we’ll deliver it to your site!

Friday and Saturday 5 – 11p.m.

Memorial till Labor Day weekend

The pizza here at the resort is a very popular option!  It is a great option after your float to just call up and order a pizza and we can deliver it right to your site.  It really is some darn good pie!

16” Single Topping $14.49 plus tax

16” Supreme $19.89 plus tax

Extra Toppings .99 cents

Available Toppings:








Green Pepper

Black Olive

Pizza Menu

Campsite Catering

We bring everything you need, plates, bowls, utensils, napkins and lots of bread. Great food to make your dinners complete and worry free.
After a big day on the river you’ll be a hungry camper. Our smoked meats, tasty side dishes fresh prepared in our kitchens will be delivered to your site or cabin at the time you choose. Reservations are needed so call early to get the time you want. Available Friday - Saturday, 5 to 10pm More info