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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Yes you can bring your dog. Please see our Dog Policies.

  • Yes, our group rates are listed below on applicable floating equipment. We would love to customize a trip just for you!

    Canoe: 10+ canoes = $65.00 p/canoe ($32.50 p/person)
    6-Man Raft: 5+ rafts = $220.00 p/raft ($36.67 p/person)
    8-Man Raft: 6+ rafts = $300.00 p/raft ($37.50 p/person)

  • Each site holds a different amount. See the tables on the campground map page.

  • We rate sites by the amount of people on average they will hold, everyone has a different sized tent so that can vary quite a bit.

  • We will not float children under 38 inches tall. For other children: we ask that as a parent you evaluate your child's ability to react if something were to happen on the river. We recommend they be able to swim, we do have children life jackets available but they are one size - we recommend you bring a jacket that best fits your child. Missouri law requires boaters to have a U.S. Coast Guard-approved life jacket on board and accessible for each occupant of the boat. Children under the age of seven are required to wear a life jacket whenever they are on a boat.

  • Primary concern is for safety.  If the water is too high to float or forces an evacuation of the resort rain checks will be issued for a later date of your choice, based on availability.  See policy page.

  • Payment in full is due as deposit within 10 days after reservation is made. To cancel a reservation or to move a date requires a 14 day notice (30 days on lodge cabins #1-6). There is a 10% cancelation charge on any cancelation made even if you cancel it the next day. Inside 14 days all reservations are final – no refunds if cancelled.

  • No, generators are loud and disruptive to the whole camping experience.

  • No, If there is an extenuating situation we will evaluate that on a case by case basis.

  • Yes, see our rates page for pricing here.

  • Yes, it is. No glass or styrofoam coolers on streams by state law.

  • Elk river is a class 1 to 2 depending on rain fall. Basically meaning a nice recreational floating stream.

  • No, fireworks are not allowed because we are in the city limits. They also can easily set tents on fire.

    The city typically has a nice display on the Saturday closest to the 4th. We have no control over it, so if

    the city, for whatever reason, doesn't put one on please don't be mad at us.

  • No, fire codes do not allow people to sleep on the floor. If you have an infant that sleeps in the with you, that is ok.

  • If floats are cancelled a rain check will be issued and placed in your master account for future use. No refunds.  Rain checks for sites will not be issued if the sites are usable.